The video brochure/display consists of:

    • LCD screen
    • Media player
    • Battery
    • Memory
    • Speaker
    • USB connector

    You can select different Screen Sizes and Formats (brochures):

    • Standard formats A6, A5 or A4.
    • Standard screen sizes:
    • 2,4 inch (business card) = L x H: 4,8cm x 3,6cm;
    • 4,3 inch = L x H: 9,5cm x 5,5cm;
    • 5,0 inch = L x H: 11cm x 6,2cm;
    • 7,0 inch = L x H: 15,2cm x 8,4cm;
    • 10,1 inch = L x H: 22,3cm x 12,5cm;
    • Video selection buttons: 0 to 11.
    • Memory: 128 MB to 8 GB.
    • Standard cover: 350 gr/m², glossy or mat (optional to 1300 gr/m²).
    • The LCD screen is packaged in a full-colour printed brochure.
    • The brochure has a built-in speaker system and lithium battery.
    • The brochure has a micro-USB connector and cable for file transfer and uploading.
    • The brochure has a magnetic system technology which delivers automatic activation (on/off) or manual activation system (clicking on the button “on/off”).
    • Via the USB connector, the battery can be recharged and new video’s can be uploaded. Please ensure your video(s) are supplied to our specifications.
    • Guarantee period: One-year warranty. During the guarantee period, we will be responsible for repairing and replacing units with proven problems at freight shared separately.


    • Do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. Keep in a dry ambient environment.
    • Do not expose the unit to extreme temperatures.
    • Do not place pressure or objects on the unit. This is a sensitive electronic unit.
    • Recommended not to charge for more than 4 hours continuously.
    • Do not disassemble the unit.
    • Do not drop. Handle with care.
    • Keep unit out of reach of children.
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