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    Branded Video POS Display: In Store Marketing from Videosmufp

    Video Displays (Vi_POS) are on the market in many different designs, purposes and materials. The design used by Videosmufp has actually a video display inserted in it, which will catch the eye of your current and potential clients to prefer your brand and products. These days, the shopping experience is a barrage of information launched at shoppers from all directions. You will elevate your brand above all the clutter by using our Vi_POS. This branded Vi_POS shows the client how the brand got to its label as well as its communicating the company image. The cardboard or other material around the video display also explains more information about the brand and product and is therefore a great additional characteristic to the LCD display.

    Such a custom Vi_POS is always a good way to catch the attention of your customers and influence them to prefer your brand. The materials and design is totally customizable to your brand and is because of this a great way to promote any brand and product, you like.

    Also is the video display reusable, so you can suit it to your marketing campaign whenever you want to change it. The cardboard around the display is also easily remove- and changeable, so you can update it to any new marketing campaign.

    These are ideal as a ‘leave behind’ after a new business or incumbent client presentation, sponsorship, credentials, events, new product launches and all manner of promotional video communication bringing your ideas to life.

    Incorporate video storytelling to capture your audience at the shelf, on counters, and with innovative floor displays. Show the history and special qualities of your product on this branded Vi_POS and make sure to reach your target groups.

    We have significant experience in product design, sourcing and manufacturing. We can help you with your marketing budgets effectively. Be sure to contact us if you are interested in finding out more information about such a branded video POS display.

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