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    Welcome to the world of video brochures.

    Innovative advertising and marketing products: Video Brochures, Video Books, Gift Boxes and Multisensory Magazine Inserts.

    Brochures have been a staple part of marketing campaigns for decades, but recently, businesses have begun improving their offerings by using video brochures to promote their products instead of mailing out old-fashioned text versions.

    Digital video brochures are genuine cutting-edge products. They are totally different from classic brochures in that they combine printability, images and sound. Upgrade your campaign with a Video Brochure featuring technology from Videosmufp. Our innovative video brochures contain LCD screens which play up from 30 seconds to 8 hours of video content. Designed to incorporate your branding, they are the ideal leave piece for sales and marketing teams and can effectively demonstrate your products and services. Our video brochures are also fully rechargeable using a USB cable which is supplied with each brochure.

    Imagine an elegantly designed showpiece that when opened, provides an HD video of your brand or product story shown on a crystalline screen with exceptional quality audio. Created with your brand in mind by our consultants, Video Brochures will captivate your target audience and communicate a compelling and engaging message.

    Video Brochures can be used by a multitude of businesses, from small companies to large businesses. The only limit to the usage of Video Brochures is your imagination. In fact we have some suggestions on marketing based on our experiences over the last 5 years.


    Ideas for using…

    • Presentation of your company / organisation
    • Product launches
    • Trade fairs
    • Public relations
    • Press conferences
    • VIP/customer gifts
    • Direct marketing
    • Special offers
    • Special events
    • Luxury invitations
    • Instruction/Use videos
    • Training

    The type of video you use in your brochure depends on your objectives. If you want to engage and update stakeholders, try a professional news release. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, corporate profile videos are great for introducing your team and brand. Or if your main objective is selling a product or service, then consider a video testimonial or video ad featuring your products or services. Video brochures are far more direct and useful than text versions because they allow for detailed information to be included.

    Why You Need it?

    Research Proves It

    A well-produced video increases information retention by 50% and speeds-up buying decisions by 72% over a print brochure, according to the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

    Customers Prefer It

    When given a choice, three out four prospective customers say they will request a video brochures over a print brochures.

    No One Will Trash It

    A well-produced and packaged video virtually guarantees that your message will cut the clutter and be seen by the people who matter most.


    Experts say video brochures are the way forward in marketing, highlighting how the medium is an engaging way to deliver key messages. Video brochures are a fusion of the best of both worlds into a single proposition that truly enriches the promotional mix.

    The brochure can be viewed anywhere and anytime and you don’t need Wi-Fi, internet connection or special software. If you’ve been looking for a way to attract new customers, increase sales and widen the reach of your brand name, then video brochures may well be the way forward for you.
    Video brochures are, without question, the most innovative and potent way of marketing video and getting a strong brand in front of highly-qualified prospects. We have seen clients return impressive numbers from implementation with video brochures. However, they certainly are not for everyone, and are best tailored towards marketing to a low number of high value prospects.

    As we recommend to all clients: find the prospects or the market where even a dozen connections would lead you to tremendous exponential growth. We will then sit down to figure out how we can produce the most compelling video content that will help win over your audience. Video brochures are the platform that ensures that no matter who opens them, their novelty and innovation will lead them to remember your brand and your message and take action.

    So get in now, and “wow” your customers with what you have to offer!

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