Video Box / Gift

    Let’s face it, in today’s world we are swept away in a massive torrent of messaging and branding. Buy this, purchase that. Consume this, explore that. Capturing your audience’s attention is not only vital but a continual evolving process. To stay ahead of the curve, it is necessary to do things differently.

    Packaging is more than putting your product in a box. Today, packaging is imaginative, colourful, instructive and playful. It’s all about marketing. But what if your packaging could actually communicate with your customers and target prospects? Now it can with a Videosmufp Video Box featuring technology. Video Box bring that strong competitive edge!

    With a HD screen embedded right in your packaging, it can show your product in action, tell your story, offer ideas, provide guidance and even offer training. And, our meticulously crafted custom pop-up option, created by our packaging engineers, presents your story with a three-dimensional depth and dimension as well. Videosmufp Video Box adds a profound visual interest to welcome kits, new product launches, patient starter kits and new customer introductions. Additionally, it is custom made, fit to your message, allowing for high personalization, ensuring you’ll be remembered and allowing for improved targeting and results.

    Fusion of Video and Print, and Box

    • Finally, you’ll get the attention of hard to reach prospects.
    • Your targeted prospects won’t be able to resist opening them.
    • You’ll get a higher open and response rate from recipients.
    • The perceived value of your company will be much higher.
    • The video content will stir emotions in viewers much like a TV commercial.
    • The presentation of your samples and/or gifts will be extraordinarily better.
    • Your company brand will be the main focus for recipients.
    • A Video Box will ensure your company gets remembered.

    Smart Way to Send Samples & Gifts

    A Video Box can also be referred to as a Video Gift Box, a video sample box, a Video Player Box, a video box mailer or a Screen-in Box. Regardless of what they’re called, they’re unbeatable at grabbing attention and helping companies stand apart from competitors.

    We understand companies need to spend their marketing budget wisely. We also understand that stunning, eye-catching marketing pieces return the best ROI.

    With state-of-the-art video boxes, we can offer companies a way to distribute their samples and gifts in an even more effective way. Also, by offering a complete mailing solution, we enable our clients to remain focused on what they do best while we work to save them time and money.

    Among other things, video content is highly effective at getting the attention of decision makers. If you are struggling to get the attention of decision makers at companies who might be perfect clients for your company, a video box will create a “WOW” factor to help you engage them so you can start to build those relationships.


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