Video Brochure Pricing

    The first question that we get: how much do video brochures cost? The product is so powerful, reactive, and impressive, that people immediately think that video brochures are expensive and unaffordable. However, they are remarkably affordable in both per-unit cost and minimum quantity, and over the last two years the price has gone down significantly.

    These standard options cover most of our clients’ needs. The standard video brochure will impress and convert prospects and leads without any fancy options required. Customized units generally cost between € 25-70/unit delivered to the client. They may be ordered in quantities as little as 25 units. Effectively, a minimum investment for the video brochures can start at around € 700. Highly customized units generally cost between € 60-120/unit delivered to the client. The content investment is also often overlooked in the total cost. As video brochures are so impressive in their presentation, the brand message and content they deliver must also impress. The video and the graphic design must be handled by an expert to ensure the greatest return on your investment.

    Our goal is to provide the best products at the lowest price. Videosmufp has stood out since our inception for the quality and reliability of our products and services. At Videosmufp, ensuring the best possible quality is a priority and a strong value. We also try to be the fastest and most efficient supplier in our sector, whilst still providing and excellent service to all our customers. First, it is important to point out video content on video brochures can be changed, which makes them reusable. In a simple drag and drop process, new video content can be loaded by plugging a unit into a Mac or PC without a new video brochure having to be created. Second, the batteries are rechargeable. With those two qualities in mind, the average cost of our video brochure is between € 25 to € 75 /pcs depending on several variables. Quantity ordered, screen size, amount of memory and battery life all affect the cost per unit. Upgraded features, like the ability to play multiple videos and touch screen, can be added and will also affect price.

    Our prices, available in € Euros detailing the screen options (2.4-10.1”) for our standard video brochure range including hard and soft cover options. The prices cover all costs from receipt of art files through to and including bulk delivery, duties and taxes. Our base unit cost includes 128 MB of flash memory (equating to a clip 12-15 mins in length), 60-90 mins battery life, auto-play on opening, speaker system, without buttons, cover: 350 gr/m², glossy or mat, USB cable & port and bulk delivery. HD, HD IPS screens, additional button controls, battery life and memory upgrades are all detailed as add-ons. Lead times from receipt of art files to and including delivery are typically from 5 – 6 weeks.

    Prices for our goods may change from time to time, but valid for 30 days from receipt of email.
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