Video brochures tailored to your needs

    Our marketing tools are designed to your precise specifications. It could be anything from Video Business cards, Video Brochures, Video Folders, Video Boxes and Packs, Point of Sale units… almost anything. Every aspect of the product, from the material it is made out of to the content itself, can be customized to your needs. With various features to choose from, you will never have a dearth of options. Through a clear understanding of both your needs and those of your customers, we deliver unique marketing materials on time and on budget.

    We provide a simple checklist of information to help you decide what you want. If you prefer, we can discuss your requirements face-to-face and make recommendations based on your objectives.

    From glossy to plastic, there are a number of materials that can be used to make the outer-covering of your brochure. You could choose a material that gives your brochure a sophisticated look or you could choose a cover which conveys some information about the product.
    At Ideal Content, we strive to keep the look of your brochure similar to that of a traditional brochure. Book, binder, and box are some of the layouts that you could choose from. All of our layouts are easily navigable and you are sure to find them a delight to use.
    From screen sizes to video options, you have a comprehensive range of customizable solutions. If you are unsure about the type of video brochure you need to select, speak to our team. We will take a look at your business requirements and advise you on the ideal option. Smart brochures come with a wide range of control options. Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind and Volume keys are just a few of the controls that you can include in your brochure. These keys make navigation easier and allow the user to access the specific information they want..

    Do you have a problem with artwork for the design of your Video Brochure? We can help on that as well.

    Your video brochure can either be designed to incorporate existing branding or our in-house design team can work with you to create something new. Once you’ve decided what material the video screen surround will be made from and the branding and colours to be used, you can choose button interfaces or touch screen and select your screen size.If you want to use your own design team, we can supply brochure templates for them to work from and give any guidance and assistance required.

    Video production for your brochures

    We offer a full video production service, including animation, to help create content that is impactful and on message for your brand.

    If you already have a company video which you would like to include in the brochure we can assist you in reformatting it to a compatible file and size if needed. We can also incorporate pictures and PowerPoint presentations into your video content.

    Design Template & Production Checklist Information

    In order to ensure a high-quality video brochure is delivered it is important to check artwork conforms to the following design requirements:

    • Each carrier option is provided with a design template. This should be set-up as a layered file (5th colour) in your design program.
    • Ideally, we would like to receive artwork as a high-resolution print-ready .PDF with the design template switched off.
    • Please ensure all images are a minimum of 300dpi.
    • Prior to outputting your .PDF please check that all RGB and special colours (not charged as extra) are converted to four colour process.
    • It is essential that a minimum bleed of 3mm is added to all template trim lines.
    • Don’t place important text or images within 3mm or trim or crease lines.
    • Button placement – ensure buttons are not placed within 1.5cm of the page extent, screen or other buttons.
    • Opening image. As the video loads a .jpeg can be shown to avoid a few seconds of white screen. This should be provided at the same resolution and aspect ratio as the screen requirement.

    Example: format A5, screen 7 inch.

    For more information on video brochures, please visit our Video Brochure FAQ and Help Page.

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